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Welcome to VIP Rome Guide! Glad to have you here!

We at
VIP Rome Guide are here to give you a sneak peak of what Rome is like to visit when you have your own personal guide and driver. A private, personal, and official guide of Rome and the Vatican can offer you the chance to embrace Rome, the Vatican, and other areas nearby with a new perspective of the Eternal City.

As you browse through our pages, you will find information on
Rome customized tours, Vatican customized tours, Official Rome and Vatican tour guide, Civitavecchia cruise passengers services, Rome shopping private guide, why you should choose a customized tour of Rome, and why you should choose a customized tour of the Vatican.

All tours guides at VIP Rome Guide are Private Official Rome and Vatican Tour guides that are devoted in providing guests with private tours that are customized to meet their wishes.

Our staff at
VIP Rome Guide wants you to experience Rome and the Vatican with the many spectacular attractions that will allow you to learn about the culture, history, and the passion of the local residents as well as the guides themselves. Our goal is to provide each of our guests with a customized tour that will allow them to feel and experience what is like to be Roman through our many monuments, parks, churches, and other attractions.

At VIP Rome Guide, you can expect to be treated as a VIP (Very Important Person) and have Rome at your fingertips as you choose the areas of Rome you wish to visit or the various attractions you do not want to miss. All of our guides are licensed professional official English-speaking guides. If you need a guide that speaks a language, other than English that can also be arranged.

One last thing to take into consideration, we may have specific tours listed that will only give you an idea of what we have to offer.
Our specialty is creating a customized tour that will allow you to take a part of Rome home with you at the end of the day.

Ciao! Waiting for you in Rome!

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